“It’s a match!” Can you find true love on tinder?

17 Jun

When I asked my flatmate several months ago if it isn’t pointless to be on Tinder he said: “You know, you and me, we both use tinder, and we’re great people. So there must be other equally fabulous people on there”.

Last September when I moved to the UK, I downloaded tinder just for fun, hoping to get to know new people more easily. After one or two pointless chat conversations with random guys, there was one guy that suddenly messaged me, who caught my eye right in the beginning when I was swiping right, hoping he would do the same too.

His message read “Hey, I actually just wanted to delete tinder, and you seem like the only interesting person around here, so I would like to add you on facebook and keep in touch if you like“.

I’ve never received this kind of message on a dating platform before so I was touched and told it excitedly to my flatmate who just laughed and said that this is probably the guy’s strategy to get lots of women.

Nevertheless, I still accepted his offer and we became friends on facebook. We’ve exchanged a couple of messages within the first two or three weeks and then did nothing more than liking each other’s new posts or pictures. A few months later, he casually asked me if I wanted to meet up, or if i’m not interested anymore. As I’ve been very busy with my final exams and friends from Germany staying at my house I declined – also the second and third time he asked. It was also partially the fear of yet another pointless date and meeting a stranger.

Then one night when I was a little tipsy – four months after we’ve become friends on facebook – I’ve finally asked him to meet me in a bar and this time for real. Even though I was excited, I didn’t have very high expectations of a tinder date. As it happend, my flatmate also had a date that night, so we both told our dates the same place and time to meet up, without revealing at any point that we knew each other.

So I was waiting for him at the bar, starting with my first cider, when he came in the bar and took my breath away looking just like on his best photographs. We were both very shy at the beginning but then got talking and had a fun evening chatting in the pub. At the end of the night, he took my hand and accompanied me on my way home to make sure I’m safe. When we said goodbye, a genuine hug led to a goodbye kiss, and all I could dream of that night was him, dreaming that our date went on and on forever…

And from that moment, I knew that it was him I want. He was my biggest goal to pursue, I couldn’t be one more day without him. When I’ve introduced him to my best friends, they said they’ve never seen me like this before and they instantly knew that it was the start of something very serious.

The bottom line is that we both weren’t on tinder expecting to find anything serious, but in fact what we found was real love. Genuine, compromising and enduring love, knowing from the first date that we belong together.

Looking back at all these past few months, it wasn’t just tinder that brought us together, but many small coincidences. But without tinder, he would probably still live only a few miles apart and still wouldn’t have met.

Photo credit: thewowstyle.com

Photo credit: thewowstyle.com

Happy matching 🙂

Aside 18 Dec

“Reality” can be seen as a social construct in which goods and services are consumed for their symbolic meaning.

(E. Summesson, 2002)

Victoria’s Secret Hits Europe

8 Oct


Even though this was a couple of months ago, I still remember that day when I first entered a Victoria’s Secret store. And not just any – their first store in Europe which has just been opened in London.

It was supposed to be just a casual day trip to the city with my friend Mia, who went on and on about this new shop from the States she wanted to go to. Of course I have heard of Victoria Secret’s and its glamorous catwalk shows, but I have never been to the States and thus have never been to a store, so I couldn’t quite share my friend’s enthusiasm.

Long story short – we entered the store and I was simply amazed! All that glitter and pink and fabulous underwear in a big glamorous house. It wasn’t just like every girl’s dream. It felt being the princess of a polly pocket castle.

I must say they really succeeded in creating a powerful brand experience. The inside is cozy, playful and glamorous and the staff is very committed and attentive. Victoria’s Secret has definitely won my heart and mind!



11 Aug

~ Joie de Vivre

– by Mia


11 Jul

~ Resignation ~

– by Mia



15 Mar

“Love is hard. If it was easy, it wouldn’t mean nothing, no.” (James Morrison)


11 Mar

~ Temple Prayers ~